Oakhurst is a small town with a population of 901. Roughly 80% of the population is human. Halflings make up the secondary majority at 10%. The remaining population is a mix of elves, dwarves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, and a hobgoblin.

Oakhurst sits just East of The Ashen Plains, right in the center of ‘the valley’. Just south of the town, along the Old Road, is a large ravine. The Sunless Citadel sits in the bottom of this ravine.

The Mayor of Oakhurst is Vurnor Leng (Ari7).

Other notable inhabitants:
Gareth (Exp 4): Deceased blacksmith of Oakhurst.
Marran (Exp 2): Gareth’s apprentice and current blacksmith of Oakhurst.
Kerowyn Hucrele (Com 6): Matriarch of the Hucrele merchant family in Oakhurst.
Dem “Corkie” Nackle (Clr 4): Gnomish priestess of Pelor. Runs the temple in Oakhurst. Waiting for the return of her friend, Erky Timbers, who set out for the adventuring life nearly a year ago.
Felosial (War 3): The half-elven constable of Oakhurst.
Ben, Lu, Jym, and Roda: Felosial‘s deputies. (All War 4)
Garon (Exp 3): Owner/Barkeep of the Ol’ Boar Inn in Oakhurst.
Father Terilith (Clr 2): Visiting cleric of Pelor from Port Dyv.
Sage Danforth (Exp 6/Wiz 2): A sage living in Oakhurst. He specializes in toxins and plants.
Belak (Dru ?): A druid who passed through Oakhurst roughly 10 years ago. Had a very large Tree-Frog companion.
Jon and Darla (Com 2 and 3): Proud new parents of baby Tess (Noob 1).
Gnort (War 1): The only hobgoblin living in Oakhurst. Gnort is a bit dimwitted and is usually drunk.


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