Broken Souls

Jillian's notes
Stuff I thought I should remember

Aug 17th
New journal. Some jerk stole my old one. Can you believe that? Right here in Wrathstone! Fortunately, I found this one laying around in an old “spell components” shop. Yeah right! Someone just decided they needed a way to sell bull poo! Anyway, somebody had a bunch of junk written in it, in some language I couldn’t decipher. So, I just ripped those pages out and trashed them. Viola! New Journal!

Aug 18th
Leaving for Oakhurst today. Going with a caravan that’s headed there. Some folks in town were up in arms all night. Something about a stolen spellbook. I guess I better hide this journal away. Can’t wait to get out of Wrathstone. Too many thieves.

Sept 3rd
Dallin and I made it to Oakhurst safely. More later…

Father Terilith's Journal
Excerpts from the personal journal of Father Terilith, Adept of Pelor

Sept 3rd (Will edit when when get our month names hammered out).
It’s early Autumn and I’ve finally arrived in Oakhurst. The trip from Port Dyv took many long weeks. Once we separated from the bulk of our caravan in Brindonford, the trip went much quicker. Such a beautiful time of year to travel. I only regret not being in Brindonford during it’s famous, annual Spring street fair. The halfling merchants have really created a wonderful annual celebration. I will have to plan my return trip accordingly.

Sept 3rd, late afternoon
I met an incredibly knowledgeable fellow named Danforth. He agreed to dine with me this evening so that we could discuss the goblins and their magical fruit. It feels strange just writing that.

Sept 3rd, Evening
Dinner was quite wonderful. The proprietor of The Ol’ Boar Inn can really put together a wonderful meal.
Sage Danforth seemed very knowledgeable about the fruit that the goblins sell every year. Apparently, they sell only a single specimen every summer. They occasionally sell a rather sickly version every winter, though no one buys it anymore due to it’s dangerous properties. Danforth has one of the winter fruits in his lab. He says I may examine it tomorrow.

Sept 4th
I met an interesting trio this morning. I was at the Hucrele home. A dwarf and halfling claiming to be from Wrathstone were here with an elf from beyond the southern range. They were here to take a job that would take them down into the rift where the goblins make their home. How fortunate! I offered my services as a healer and they accepted… or at least the elf and halfling did. The dwarf never speaks.


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