Dallin Rockbreaker

A dwarven warrior/adventurer from the semi-famed Rockbreaker clan.


Dallin is the nephew of a famous dwarf adventurer (Grum Rockbreaker). Dallin grew up in the mountain home of his clan, though he spent a lot of time in Wrathstone, the mining town started by his clan.

Planning on a life of adventure, Dallin decided to go visit his cousin, Del, in Blasington. Dallin planned to have Del help him gear up for a life of fame and fortune. Before setting off, Dallin met a halfling by the name of Jillian Tealeaf. They become friends and set off southwards. The pair stopped in Oakhurst, hearing of a situation with some goblins and missing adventurers. Here, they met up with the elf, Belligar. The trio took a job that would send them in to The Sunless Citadel.

Dallin Rockbreaker

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