Broken Souls

Jillian's notes

Stuff I thought I should remember

Aug 17th
New journal. Some jerk stole my old one. Can you believe that? Right here in Wrathstone! Fortunately, I found this one laying around in an old “spell components” shop. Yeah right! Someone just decided they needed a way to sell bull poo! Anyway, somebody had a bunch of junk written in it, in some language I couldn’t decipher. So, I just ripped those pages out and trashed them. Viola! New Journal!

Aug 18th
Leaving for Oakhurst today. Going with a caravan that’s headed there. Some folks in town were up in arms all night. Something about a stolen spellbook. I guess I better hide this journal away. Can’t wait to get out of Wrathstone. Too many thieves.

Sept 3rd
Dallin and I made it to Oakhurst safely. More later…



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